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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Frequently asked questions - first published in 2009

Do I need certified copies of certificates?
No, certified copies are not required. If you have a choice, a genealogy or research copy is just fine as is a copy printed from an on-line image if you are lucky enough to find one. If your original is a certified copy, please make photocopies for your application. We would prefer not to have any documents in our files that could be mis-used for identity theft.

Why is there a disclaimer on the final application?
You will notice a line on your finished application that says that the evidence that you sent in with it becomes the property of the General Society. What this means is that the pieces of paper that you send in will not be returned to you. Bottom line—don’t send in your treasured family heirlooms—send photocopies and photographs!

What happens to the documents I send to Plymouth?
All your documentation goes into a file in the basement of the General Society library. Only library employees are allowed into the basement. Only library staff and Society Historians can review the files. They are never available to the public. Any copies of applications that are given to prospective applicants as references have details on anyone under age 100 blacked out.

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