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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Ohio Birth & Death Records

Did you know that a line item in HB 64, recently signed by Governor John Kasich reads: "A local registrar shall allow an individual to phtograph or otherwise copy a birth or death record."

This means that in any Ohio county registrar's office, you can use a camera or your smart phone to photograph, or a portable scanner such as the ScanSnap or a wand scanner (at the discretion of the local registrar) to copy any birth or death record on file as a non-certified copy. You should be able to do this free of charge, though the local registrar will always be happy to accept a donation for the time needed to pull the record for you. Cash is always welcome, though cookies can work too!

Ohio birth records after 1908 are available at any county registrar's office (often the local health department). Death records after 1908 are only available in the county where the death occurred, though don't forget the great collection of Ohio death certificates from Dcember 1908 through 1953 online at FamilySearch.org.

Ohio Mayflower DOES NOT require certified copies of birth, death or marriage records. Any record that you can photograph or copy based on this new law is just fine. The key is it has to be in focus so every word is legible! We need all names (including the names of parents) and all dates and places to be clearly readable. You might want to practice your technique before you go...