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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Expanded list of Pilgrims accepted - first posted in 2010

Effective January 1, 2010, the General Society of Mayflower Descendants will accept lineage papers from EVERY passenger on the Mayflower know to have descendants. This includes ALL the wives (except Alice Mullins who is not proved to have been Priscilla’s mother) and ALL the children. This raises the number of potential pilgrim ancestors from 29 to 52!

Note: only one pilgrim ancestor can be submitted for your initial application, but additional related ancestors can be submitted as supplementals once you have been elected to membership.

Here is the full list: 

John Alden
Priscilla Mullins Alden
Isaac Allerton
Mary Allerton
Mary (Norris) Allerton
Remember Allerton
Bartholomew Allerton
John Billington
Elinor Billington
Francis Billington
William Bradford
William Brewster
Love Brewster
Mary Brewster
Peter Browne
James Chilton
Mary Chilton
Susanna Chilton
Francis Cooke
John Cooke
Edward Doty
Francis Eaton
Samuel Eaton
Sara Eaton
Moses Fletcher
Edward Fuller

Mrs. Edward Fuller
Samuel Fuller
Samuel Fuller Jr.
Stephen Hopkins
Constance Hopkins
Elizabeth (Fisher) Hopkins
Giles Hopkins
John Howland
Elizabeth Tilley Howland
Richard Moore
William Mullins
Alice Mullins
Degory Priest
Thomas Rogers
Joseph Rogers
Henry Samson
George Soule
Myles Standish
John Tilley
Joan (Hurst) Tilley
Richard Warren
William White
Resolved White
Susanna White
Edward Winslow
Susanna (White) Winslow


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