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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Application process - first published in 2011

The application for any lineage society can seem like a mysterious process. Here is a summary of the application steps for the Society of Mayflower Descendants. I have indicated the steps YOU need to complete and the ones we will do for you (OHMF).
You will be working with the Ohio Historian (Ann Gulbransen) and Assistant Historian (David Grinnell) as you develop your application. See below for which of us will help you with each step of the process.
1. YOU: Your first step is to complete a preliminary application. We cannot do any significant work on your file until you have submitted the prelim. If you did not submit an online inquiry about your lineage at the General Society website or have a family member with an approved lineage, we also ask you to complete a record of your lineage. You can download a copy of the preliminary application at www.ohiomayflower.org. Send the application to David, our Assistant Historian at the address on the form. You can send it by regular mail, scan it and send by email or sign it digitally and email it. (Let us know if you need directions on how to add a digital signature to a pdf document.)
2. OHMF: David will present the  preliminary application to the Ohio Board of Assistants for approval to proceed with the application.
3. OHMF:   David will create a worksheet for you to use as a tool to record the proof documents for your lineage. The worksheet is a rough draft and it is your responsibility to make any needed changes and additions. He will source the first 5-6 generations for you from the 5 Generations Project books and will try to get previously approved papers from Plymouth to help. If you already submitted a prelim and did not get (or cannot find) your worksheet, please contact David for a replacement. Once you have your worksheet from David, his job is done and Ann becomes your resource for the rest of the process.
4. YOU: Now is when you go to work to gather all the documents needed to prove your lineage. When we send the worksheet to you, we include guidelines to help. If you did not get these, please let either of us know and we will email a new copy. We understand that this process can take a long time and can be a lot of work, but we hope it will be rewarding.
5. YOU: Once you have everything collected, you will mail one signed copy of your completed worksheet and two copies of each document to Ann. She will review your documentation and work with you to rectify any gaps or weaknesses.
6. OHMF/YOU: Once all your documentation passes muster, Ann will send you a finished application for one more signature. You will be asked to pay your application fee at this time.
7. OHMF: Ann will send your signed application and one copy of your documentation to Plymouth for approval by the Historian General.
8. OHMF: Once the Historian General has approved your application, Ann will present your application to the Ohio Board of Assistants for them to elect you to membership. Once that is completed, Ann will notify you, and ask you to pay your dues for the current membership year.

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