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Monday, June 27, 2016

Ordering microfilm from the Family History Center

Have you found a record on FamilySearch only to see that there is no image attached, just a cryptic reference to a GS film number like the one in the image here?

What this means is that the original record has been microfilmed and indexed, but that the image of that original record has not yet been digitized and linked. All is not lost though because you can order a copy of the microfilm to a designated Family History Center or library near you so that you can make a copy of that original record for yourself.

Here is the process:
1.       Go to this website: https://familysearch.org/films/
2.       Log in with your FamilySearch ID (if you don’t have one yet, you need to register but the account is free)
3.       The first thing you want to do is to make sure the film will be delivered to a location close to you. In the menu bar where my image says Medina County D… click the (change) link. Follow the prompts to pick your country and state and then find a library or Family History Center that will be convenient for you. Save your selection. The website will remember it for future orders.
4.       Once you have selected where you want the film to be sent, enter the film number in the Search field and then click the Search button. You will get a new screen which will confirm that the film you want can be circulated.
Before you click the link to pay for the loan, scroll down to the bottom of the screen to look at the detail for the film you selected. If you see a small camera icon on the right, you can click it and actually see the film on your computer just like in a film reader. You will have to scroll through the film to find your record, but this tip can save you the time and cost of ordering.
5.       If you can't view the film online, most of the time, you will want the short term loan for $7.50. You would only want the indefinite loan if you are going to work with that film over a long period of time.
6.       Follow the prompts to make your payment and you are done on the website.

You will be notified when the film is shipped and then delivered. You can also view the status of your order on the website. You should have several months to get to the library/FHC to find your record on the film.

If you have not used the microfilm readers before, the staff at the library/FHC can assist you with how to load and search the film. Each film is organized differently so it may take you a bit of browsing to find your image. If you are really lucky, the index record you started with will actually tell you the image number! Most modern readers will let you print the image of the record, and many will let you save a digital copy to a USB drive.